Parenting Help for Christians (Review)

Okay, so we all have kids who have behavior problems from time to time, right? I mean, no parent is perfect and every child is an individual. Some of us struggle with strong-willed children who are less likely to be obedient. It often comes down to who can hold out the longest. That person should always be the parent, but it becomes exhausting, to say the least. My oldest child is particularly challenging, spunky as some would say (like her mama). I feel like we’ve tried so many ways to appeal to her, and while she has a servant’s heart

Resurrection Day Resources

In our home, we don’t do “Easter” as it were, with eggs and bunnies and those types of things. We focus on Jesus and his sacrifice and what it means for us, giving thanks to the Father! We call it “Resurrection Day,” so we fully grasp why this is such a momentous and joyous occasion. It can be hard to find resources to teach about the Resurrection in a kid-friendly way, so I set out to find activities for you to use in your home and homeschool during this time of year. This article originally appeared on my old blog,


Public school was never really an option for our children. I was in my late 20s when we started having kids, and as such, watched the rise in school violence, inappropriate conduct, excessive bullying, and obvious indoctrination by the government a la Common Core and others. It is really a far cry from what I remember as a student in public school. We had our problems, but not any of this extreme stuff going on currently. Add to this the fact that not all students learn at the same pace, and we had to exclude private school as an option

When Doubt Comes Creeping In – Christian Encouragement for Your Homeschool

Or maybe it comes crashing in. Maybe this school year seems daunting. Maybe you had someone question your abilities to homeschool your child. Maybe your child isn’t into it. You’re behind, or your child is behind. You’re unorganized. Your curriculum isn’t working. Whatever the reason for it, you’re unsure of yourself and it’s making you doubt that you can teach your children effectively. We all go through times like this. And I’m here to tell you, it’s okay. You’ll get through it. Today I want to give you a little encouragement for your homeschool. This article originally appeared on my

5 Strategies for Coping With Toxic People – The Negative Nancies, Buttinskies and Sociopathic Susans

We all have one of these types in our lives. The relatives who are naysayers. The friend who picks apart all your decisions. Those who act interested in your plans and goals, only to cast doubt and skepticism. Toxic people is what they are. It’s hard enough being a homeschooler as it is. You try and try to get along with this person and they never change. Maybe you have spoken with them about it and they deny it. Maybe they promise to work on things. Maybe they even apologize but are not truly penitent so they repeat the dirty

Teaching Your Kids Biblical Truths

Hey, Mom, teaching your kids about God and His Word just got a lot easier! I had been struggling to find the right way to help my young kids understand the happenings of the Bible, but we’ve been reviewing a new book called What God is Doing and it has been a prayer answered!¬†Anne Marie Gosnell, the author, has written this book so parents can teach their kids in such a way that the point comes across without being diluted in the way most kids’ Bibles and books are (particularly the history in the Old Testament, which is often skipped