My Favorite Home Remedies for Sick Season

Sick season is well upon us. I know most people call it “flu season,” but that’s what the conventional medical community has dubbed it as a push for the flu shot. The truth is, cold weather doesn’t make us sick, but we do tend to be cooped up more, sharing our germs with one another, and dealing with dry indoor air from a ventilation system that is circulating those germs. Our nasal passages can dry out and lack the mucus that is a protective mechanism for keeping the germies at bay. My family almost never gets sick, not even in

Need to Spruce Up Your Decor? (Review)

We have moved nine times in seven years. Four of those were cross-country relocations, and each time, we have gotten rid of stuff in an attempt to downsize. One of those times, we only packed my van, hubby’s truck and a 6×12 box trailer. We sold off most of our belongings and started fresh. But each time, I never seem to replace our decor. Or I buy stuff with the intention of putting it up and it only gets half done, or I don’t get to it (like my picture frame wall that I have yet to get pictures for).

5 Self-Care Tips for Busy Moms

Your job as Mom can be stressful! Whether your kids are teens or tots. Whether you have 10 kids or an only. No matter how much money you have. Motherhood is fast-paced (although the hours seem to drag at times, eh?). It involves bodily fluids. It involves teaching the common sense things and also the book things (for us homeschoolers, anyway). We worry at every stage of our children’s lives. We play chauffeur, chef, housekeeper, nurse, coach…I’m sure you’ve heard the list before. This is not to say that dads aren’t stressed, busy, or in need of some TLC. But

Are Your Mornings a Disaster? (Course Review)

I’m the first to admit I am NOT a morning person. Never was, never will be. Mornings used to be a huge disaster. Like huge. Kids whining about being hungry, a baby crying, a minefield of toys in the living room, and a mama wishing she liked hot coffee because life would be so much easier without having to run a blender or run to a drive thru (which involves carseats and overspending ’cause then everyone HAS to have something since mama gets something). But I digress. Then Crystal Paine’s Make Over Your Mornings course came onto my radar. It

Minimalist(ish) Stocking Stuffers

If you know me personally, you know I struggle with holidays and giving and receiving. Last year I was very outspoken against participating in Christmas, much to hubby’s chagrin, so we have compromised this year and will do a few things at his request. One of those things is to do stockings again. As a minimalist at heart (but not so much in practice – it’s a goal I’m always working toward), I came up with some ideas for stocking stuffers that will be enjoyed by the kids but not be a bunch of little China cheapies that will get

Ingenuity Trio 3-in-1 High Chair Review

After we added our fourth child to our family, it dawned on me that with an 18 month age gap between her and my third child (my ALL BOY child who likes to run, climb and throw food), I would need two high chairs, or at least a booster seat for my son. In looking for a play yard on the Walmart site, I saw a set that includes a play yard, a bouncer and this high chair, the Ingenuity Trio. I don’t need all that, but the high chair popped up on my Facebook feed after that (eyeroll…they are

Kids Aren’t Expensive – It’s Your Lifestyle

I always hear how expensive kids supposedly are. We have four now, and each baby does add to the overall cost of living for the household, but the assertion that more kids shouldn’t be had due to their cost is a sad reflection of the materialism of society. To put it another way, if your main concern in life is to travel, dine at upscale restaurants, and wear fancy threads, I can see how you might think kids are expensive. You have kids and change nothing and keep doing what you’ve always done. But that’s not how it works! You

All About Grocery Pickup

Do you enjoy taking your kids to the grocery store with you? If yes, this post isn’t for you. Ha! If no…do you waste time reprimanding them for goofing off or being totally distracting? Do you wander the aisles, forgetting what you came for and adding a bunch of unplanned-for junk to your cart? Does every trip leave you exhausted and pulling your hair out? Kids need to learn, of course, but there are many opportunities for this; the grocery store doesn’t necessarily have to be the place for it. And even with a list, things are overlooked and impulse

A Quick Start Guide to Meal Planning

Meal planning has become a must for me! It takes about two hours each week for me to plan a menu for each day, make my grocery list AND place an online order for grocery pickup. That two hours keeps me on budget and ensures that I always have healthy meals planned out for my family. Creating a meal plan each week has also helped me to lose weight by not running to a drive thru or grabbing junk food and calling it lunch! My kids are better off when eating real food and seeing their mama modeling the household