Guest Post Guidelines

Guest Post Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in guest posting for All the Homeschool Things! I’m excited to hear your ideas.

We are all homeschoolers, and we are all unique. Each family is different! My way might be right for me and mine, but it’s not going to be right for everyone, so I really like to get different perspectives from others to help my readers create (and maintain) their best homeschool, no matter what they might be going through in their unique situations.

Here are some FAQs regarding guest posting for All the Homeschool Things. If I haven’t answered your questions here, do not hesitate to contact me.

Why should I guest post?

  • You are expanding your readership by reaching a new audience.
  • You are establishing yourself as an authority in your niche.
  • You are growing your email list if you offer an opt-in freebie to my readers.
  • I do not have any requirements for your following/reach to be at a certain threshold in order to guest post. Newbies are accepted so long as you can write a strong article about homeschooling!

What will I receive for contributing?

  • You will receive inclusion in my email for that week (my list is small with about 430 subscribers currently [8/31/18], but I clean my list monthly and have open rates as high as 55%).
  • Your article will be shared across my social media (Facebook page, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+) and I will tag you on the platforms in which you have an active account. This helps my audience to find you more easily and connect with you.
  • Your article will be shared in my growing Facebook community. You may also join the community and post helpful content from your site periodically. You need to be an active member of the group (AKA, a normal group member) in order to take advantage of this. Don’t just link drop! Use your best judgment and DO NOT spam the group or you will be removed.
  • You will receive a backlink to your main site, social media links, and up to five additional links back to your site. I do not “nofollow” your links as I feel that’s completely unfair to contributors. You will get SEO “Google juice” for each backlink.
  • You may add a short paragraph at the end for a product you want to promote, or a single sentence within the body of your post.
  • You may include an opt-in freebie for my readers to grow your email list. This must be via a landing page on your site or hosted by your email service provider to comply with GDPR; I will not be handing over any email addresses as this practice is not GDPR compliant nor does it build trust with my readers.

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What guidelines should I follow?

  • Posts must be new content with a minimum of 700 words, no exceptions. I reserve the right to edit for grammar, clarity, and SEO.
  • You may do a short teaser post on your site, but this is not required. A teaser must also be unique content and the link back to my site MUST be correct. If you want to do a teaser, please ask me for the link to your post and I’ll be happy to send it over once the post is scheduled.
  • Your post is due no later than 48 hours prior to the agreed upon publishing date. All guest posts go live at 6am Eastern (and your teaser should also go live at that time, if you do one). If you are late, I may have to move you to a different date or not publish your post at all. Communication is imperative! If you have a problem arise that will affect you getting the post to me, I need to know about it ASAP.
  • You may include up to five links to your own content. Please do not link to outside content unless it’s helpful for the reader in understanding how to digest the information you are providing. No affiliate links without prior permission to be sure there is not a conflict of interest.
  • Please include a headshot (150×150 thumbnail size is what I will use) and a bio of one to four sentences for the end of your post. Include any relevant social media links. You can reference any of the posts in my blog party series for an example of how this will be formatted.
  • Email the HTML of the post to me or use Google Docs to share it with me. I can only accept HTML; posts shared without HTML markup will not be accepted. Please ask if you’re unsure about how to do this.
  • I do not need you to do any images for the post. I will create social media graphics using my branding. If you would like to add images into the post (e.g., a how-to that needs pictures to explain the process better, or personal pictures of something you’re talking about), include those in the HTML just like you would for a post going live on your own site. I will be able to snag the images using the code and host them on my site (including your bio image; you could also just attach that to an email if you would rather).
  • Opt-ins are highly suggested so you can grow your list! This should be a coordinating/relevant freebie. It must be hosted either on your own site, or a landing page hosted by your email service provider (ConvertKit, etc.). You would include the link at the end of your post (with an explanation of what you’re offering) and all traffic would click over to that link to sign up. Readers are more likely to read an article that includes a freebie for them.
  • You may provide a coupon code for my readers if you have a product you’re promoting. Limited time coupon codes work best.
  • Content guidelines:
    • As a Christian, I cannot allow anything anti-God or that promotes old earth or evolution. It is best to leave things faith neutral.
    • I also stand firmly against Common Core, so I cannot have anything supporting or promoting Common Core or Next Generation Science Standards. You can look up publishers and resources using the Homeschool Resource Roadmap if you’re unsure.
    • Please nothing related to Halloween or Santa.

Send a Request for Guest Posting for All the Homeschool Things

Thank you for reading through this page and for adhering to these guidelines! I want any collaboration to be fruitful for us both. If you are interested in a guest post spot, please use my contact form and use the subject “guest post” so I can flag it more easily. Please do include your site URL, a working title (if possible), a short description of your idea, and the date you prefer. Posts typically go live between Monday and Wednesday. By sending a request, you agree that you are okay with all of the above. I will reply to your message within 48 hours.

I am no longer accepting additional guest posts for this site. Thank you for your time.

Want to guest post for All the Homeschool Things? Check out my guidelines and send an inquiry with your idea! #homeschoolblogging #homeschooling #allthehomeschoolthings