Freebies and Bundles of Bonuses, Oh My! A Preview of the Start Homeschooling Summit

Freebies and Bundles of Bonuses, Oh My! A Preview of the Start Homeschooling Summit

Early access to the Start Homeschooling Summit has begun! Our fearless leader, Kelly George, decided to open up the Summit so people can watch the pre-recorded workshops and access all the downloads before the Summit even begins. I’ve been busy watching and downloading so I can bring you a preview of these valuable resources.

To bring you up to speed, if this is your first time hearing of the Start Homeschooling Summit: A couple dozen of us have come together to share our homeschooling and homemaking wisdom with those who might be newer to homeschooling. Fear not, there is something for everyone, even if you’re a veteran homeschooler! You can find out more here. My workshop is all about how to get stuff done around the house despite being a little overwhelmed with schooling and life in general.

This article originally appeared on my old blog, Townsley Times. If you came here looking for this particular article but thought you were going to a different site, never fear, you’re actually in the right place. 🙂

The 34 workshops and their associated downloads are FREE for 48 hours each during the Summit (Feb 19th through 25th), but after that, everything is removed from public view. However, if you think you would like access to everything to watch at your own pace, for life, you can take advantage of the presale going on NOW and purchase the entire set of 34 workshops, the downloads, AND an additional bundle of over 20 bonuses for a HUGE discount. And this will now also allow you to get early access to the pre-recorded workshops as she uploads them! (About half are there at the time of this writing with the rest to follow in the next few days.)

I’ve already learned what “strewing” is, how to incorporate some fun activities into my homeschool to be a more fun mom, how to thrive as an unschooler (I’m not an unschooler but the idea very much appeals to me!), and how to make homeschool art more meaningful. I’m looking forward watching the other workshops and going back to watch these again since I’m sure I missed quite a bit in my excitement. Ha!

On to the bonus bundle. Here’s just a peek at what is included:

  • “morning basket” resources
  • ebook of ideas for a well-rounded homeschool
  • several ecourses
  • a journal for moms with coloring pages
  • pantry checklists, sample menus, chore charts
  • science experiments pdf
  • a comprehensive ebook about homeschooling older kids while you also have toddlers (this one looks to be an excellent resource for families like mine — starting to school the oldest children but still having babies)
  • a homeschool planner with TONS of pages for everything you can think of
  • membership to art history lessons

These are only available to those who purchase the full package! It is priced at $98, but from now through February 18th, you can purchase it for only $59! It is a STEAL at that price! If I didn’t already have access as a contributor, I would snap that up in a heartbeat. But this is only available if you pre-purchase the package by the 18th using this link.

We have also set up a Facebook group to chat and give you even more value if you sign up to view the workshops (no purchase necessary for this, just sign up for email reminders here). The presenters are there to answer your questions, do live Q&A sessions, maybe even drop some more freebies for you! Please sign up and then join us here!

Don’t forget that this special deal for the workshops and downloads plus the bundle with over 20 bonuses ends before the Summit starts. So, if you want access NOW and if you want to be able to go through all the workshops at your leisure, AND get allllll the freebies in the bonus bundle, run, don’t walk, and sign up now. No coupon code is necessary, just follow this link! (Discount is applied at checkout. The code is PRESALE if you run into trouble.)

Constitutional Literacy by Michael Farris

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