Ready, set, homeschool! Fall 2018 Blog Party

Celebrating my official relaunch! As I mentioned before, I have rebranded my site from Townsley Times to All the Homeschool Things. In August 2018, we had a blog party with 13 bloggers coming together over 15 days to share their favorite tips and encouragement to prepare you for the new homeschool year. We had a huge giveaway with over $500 worth of prizes. We had door prizes throughout the party along with discounts from our sponsors. It was a lot of fun and even I learned a lot from these other ladies as well as my readers! I introduced my

Brush Up on YOUR Math Skills With Math Essentials (Review)

As homeschool moms, we are charged with teaching our kids EVERY subject, even the ones that are tough for us. Thankfully, the same popular publisher that makes homeschool math materials for students also makes resources for parents who may need some help remembering from way back when! Enter: Math Refresher for Adults. Math Essentials has put out this book teaching math for adults that is perfect for those of us who need a little help figuring out these concepts so we can help our kids with their own work. Now, my oldest is going into 2nd grade and still working

Why I Don’t Require Scripture Memorization

Almost every Bible program for kids includes memory verses. I prefer not to use them! I think memorization is a bad way to teach a complex subject when understanding is imperative to practical application. Memorizing God’s Word is a noble thing to reach for, no doubt. And eventually, it WILL happen after enough study (even if not word for word). But for young kids who soak up everything we teach them, be it spoken or unspoken, rote memorization of Bible passages doesn’t seem like the best way to go. Here’s why. This article originally appeared on my old blog, Townsley

Keeping Your Sanity When All Your Kids Are Little

You start out with one baby. He takes up a lot of your time, day and night. But eventually you find your groove and all is well. You might add another baby a year or two later. And now you have two little people to take care of, but no additional help. But eventually you find your groove there, too. Baby #3 comes along. And another. And maybe more after that. You always eventually find a balance and a swing to things, but you often feel like you’re not holding it all together so well. All these little kids who

Homeschooling the Gifted Child

Giftedness is a double-edged sword. Going one direction, you generally have a relative ease in learning. But going the other direction, you have struggles with certain subjects, sometimes learning disabilities, a greater propensity for mental health issues, and often behavior problems. This means that all subjects don’t come easily (or perhaps none do), which is confusing for outsiders (and also for the child and parents!). Society at large has no real clue about this, which can lead to confusing feelings for your child. Gifted children seem to learn differently from others. That’s partially by default due to the high intelligence,

5 Days of Homeschool Planning Mini-Series

It’s the end of the school year for many homeschoolers right now, but it’s also a time when we start thinking about next year. We are planning the topics we might study, the curriculum we want to use. Reflecting on what worked and what didn’t. Making adjustments for age or adding another child who will be compulsory age. Maybe you’re revamping the whole thing, like me! This past year has been hectic and disorganized and I never felt like we were where we needed to be. We had a baby last May, moved two weeks later, moved two more times

In the Interest of Being Honest….

I am the first to admit when I make a mistake. I mean, nobody likes to be wrong, and it isn’t fun to eat crow, but it’s necessary. Some things are trial and error and you grow from your trials and your errors. I try not to look at it as a failure, but as an opportunity to learn, so I don’t really mind admitting when it happens. Believe it or not, I tried to start homeschooling when my oldest child was only two years old. TWO! So that’s 4.5 years of mistakes we have made as homeschoolers. And yes,

How To Hear God and See Him Moving in Your Life

Having trouble hearing God? God communicates with us in different ways, but the best suggestion you’ll get from most is to get in the Word. How else can you know what to look for if you aren’t familiar with the character of the Almighty? Slowing down is an important part of the equation, too. If we allow ourselves to get lost in the chaos of life, to be busy all the time (and what is “busy” anyway?), how can we sit still for long enough to hear Him? He does tell us to be still and know that He is

The Crunchy Mama’s Birth Plan

I am frequently asked to share different aspects of my birth plan. Usually I end up emailing off the whole thing, because it speaks for itself, mostly. There are a few points I am asked about a lot, so I figured I’d put up a post to explain the why behind each choice I have made. Before we get started, understand that these are MY preferences. No birth is ever the exact same as another. I’ve had four totally different birth experiences so far and ended up compromising on some of these things. This list of birth preferences is what

Improve Your Concentration With a Single App

I was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult. I didn’t show too many signs of it as a kid, other than excessive talking. I chalk that up to having a brain that never turns off – not necessarily ADHD, just an active mind. But, as an adult, it seems I have some problems with inattention. This started before kids, so I can’t blame them. Ha! As a writer, the ability to concentrate well is imperative if I want to get anything done. Now with the voices of children added into the mix, I had all but given up trying to