The Relaxed Homeschooler’s Guide to Picking Curriculum

Welcome to Day 3 of the homeschool planning mini-series! Today’s work is probably the most difficult but most important to your success. Choosing a curriculum can be daunting since we have soooo many choices! I’m going to cover a few ways to narrow down the playing field and some strategies to evaluate what you’re left with. For this series, I’m referring to “curriculum” in the broad sense of everything you might use for learning purposes in your homeschool. But for this article, I want to focus on books and texts and sets you might be interested in using. Tomorrow we

Homeschool Schedules and Routines

Are you a mom who needs a set schedule to keep you on track? Or will a general routine suffice? Or maybe you’re a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants type. I’m solidly in the middle and that’s the angle I’m coming from for today’s article in the homeschool planning mini-series. But there’s so much more to it than just schedule or no schedule! Today is Day 2 of my planning series. Here are the topics for the other days: Day 1: Planning Your Homeschool Year Day 2: Homeschool Schedules and Routines Day 3: The Relaxed Homeschooler’s Guide to Picking Curriculum Day 4: Non-Book Learning

Planning Your Homeschool Year

I’m excited to kick off Day 1 of my homeschool planning mini-series! We will be covering everything you need to know for planning your homeschool year so you can relax over summer and start the year with confidence. Here are the topics for each day of the series: Day 1: Planning Your Homeschool Year Day 2: Homeschool Schedules and Routines Day 3: The Relaxed Homeschooler’s Guide to Picking Curriculum Day 4: Non-Book Learning for Your Homeschool Day 5: What Should I Put in My Child’s Portfolio? This is also part of a blog hop with the Homeschool Review Crew! Please

5 Days of Homeschool Planning Mini-Series

It’s the end of the school year for many homeschoolers right now, but it’s also a time when we start thinking about next year. We are planning the topics we might study, the curriculum we want to use. Reflecting on what worked and what didn’t. Making adjustments for age or adding another child who will be compulsory age. Maybe you’re revamping the whole thing, like me! This past year has been hectic and disorganized and I never felt like we were where we needed to be. We had a baby last May, moved two weeks later, moved two more times

The Crunchy Mama’s Birth Plan

I am frequently asked to share different aspects of my birth plan. Usually I end up emailing off the whole thing, because it speaks for itself, mostly. There are a few points I am asked about a lot, so I figured I’d put up a post to explain the why behind each choice I have made. Before we get started, understand that these are MY preferences. No birth is ever the exact same as another. I’ve had four totally different birth experiences so far and ended up compromising on some of these things. This list of birth preferences is what

Homeschool Styles and How to Choose What Works for YOUR Homeschool

If you’re newer to homeschooling and haven’t found your groove yet, you might be overwhelmed by all the styles out there. How the heck do you choose one to use in your own homeschool? In this post, I want to outline the various styles and explain how to arrive at what is best for your family. As you read through each method, take note of the ones that seem up your alley. I’ve tried to give unbiased details of each, but of course, I’m only human. The pros and cons are my own and you might feel differently! What is

Improve Your Concentration With a Single App

I was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult. I didn’t show too many signs of it as a kid, other than excessive talking. I chalk that up to having a brain that never turns off – not necessarily ADHD, just an active mind. But, as an adult, it seems I have some problems with inattention. This started before kids, so I can’t blame them. Ha! As a writer, the ability to concentrate well is imperative if I want to get anything done. Now with the voices of children added into the mix, I had all but given up trying to

There’s Always Something New to Learn

Online homeschool workshops could be compared with the continuing education required for public school teachers. There’s ALWAYS something I can learn and improve upon in my homeschool (or in my home life – they do go hand in hand!). I was recently blessed to be a part of the Start Homeschooling Summit, where I taught a workshop on how to use some systems and routines to get things done around the house so you can stress a little less as a homeschool mom. But I was also blessed by the other presenters’ workshops and I learned so much. I don’t

Get Back on Track with Meal Planning After the Holidays

It’s so easy to veer off the course of eating well during the holiday season. October through December involve so many activities, especially for homeschoolers! The meal plan sort of fades from existence and you just wing it…which we know never ends well. That all changes now! It’s time to get back on track after all the holiday indulgence. Please join me over at Outmatched Mama today as we discuss how to transition back into a meal planning routine. I give some tips for how to accommodate for what is in your pantry (or not) after holiday cooking and how