Beginner Art Lessons with ARTistic Pursuits

I think most kids love to do arts and crafts. Yet some seem to take a more serious interest in it, like my oldest, so this review of the program from ARTistic Pursuits, Inc. was timely. The ARTistic Pursuits Art Instruction Books with DVD and Blu-Ray series was already on my short list of non-Common Core aligned art programs for kids and combines a textbook with video lessons to switch things up. I’ve been using it with my oldest two children (almost 7 and almost 5) to give them their first glimpse into more formal art instruction. The series is

Deals So Good I Feel Like I’m Stealing

Do you ever get such a good deal on something that you feel like you’re stealing?? I used to feel like that a lot during my couponing days. Maybe it’s just me. But I made out like a bandit with the Build Your Bundle sale this year! I have never shopped it before and was overwhelmed by my choices at first, but I followed the procedure I laid out in my post last week about it and it made my decision so much easier! I want to detail what I ended up doing and what products I am most looking

Children’s Books by Christian Author, Kayla Jarmon

We recently had the opportunity to review three children’s books from author Kayla Jarmon. These are digital books that are geared toward young children. We received: A Boy and His Dog Don’t Forget Me (Discussion Book Series, Book 1) Dying is Part of This World (Discussion Book Series, Part 2) Mrs. Jarmon is a Christian author and the two books in the Discussion Series are both based on biblical values while the other has no religious leanings at all. I read them with our children who are ages 6, 4, and 2 (and infant, but she doesn’t exactly have an

Reading Kingdom – Our Knight in Shining Armor

I’ve talked before about how my oldest has struggled to learn to read. When I saw the subscription to Reading Kingdom on the list of reviews we would be doing with the Homeschool Review Crew, I poked around their site and discovered it could quite possibly be THE program we have been missing in our homeschool. This article originally appeared on my old blog, Townsley Times. If you came here looking for this particular article but thought you were going to a different site, never fear, you’re actually in the right place. 🙂 My oldest, who is six, was sloooowly

YWAM Publishing Unit Studies – Heroes of History

The Heroes of History books from YWAM Publishing are engaging biographies for children, written about people from the discovery of the new world through to the present. Sticking with our early American history theme that we’ve been doing this year, I chose a book about William Penn for this review, entitled William Penn: Liberty and Justice for All. We also received an intensive unit study guide, which was an extremely thorough adjunct to the book itself. Bear in mind that these resources are geared toward ages 10 and up, and my oldest child is only 6. However, it was very

A&P for Kids, From a Christian Worldview

I am an anatomy nerd going all the way back to middle school, and as we are a Christian family, I have been eyeballing the Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology set from Apologia for at least a year. I was super excited about getting these materials to review! And after using them for the past few weeks, the excitement hasn’t fizzled out! It’s been on my “to teach” list and I was exuberant to find out that they have a Junior Notebooking Journal for kids who are not even reading yet! 😍 We were blessed with the Exploring

Spelling Help with Memoria Press

I’ve talked before about how my six-year old has struggled with learning to read. We had the opportunity to review the Traditional Spelling I program from Memoria Press and I thought it would be helpful now that my daughter is a beginning reader. I think the program is GREAT! But…we struggled somewhat with this review. Both of us. Let me explain how the program works, and what we loved as well as what was hard for us. Keep in mind that we are relaxed homeschoolers and I try to stay away from curriculum that requires a lot of preparation on

Children’s Books by Award-Winning Author, Carole P. Roman – An Honest Review

Carole P. Roman is a multi-award-winning children’s author who has written over 45 books! She is most well-known for the fictional “Captain No Beard” series and the non-fiction series, “If You Were Me and Lived In….” We chose a sampling of three different titles from the Carole P. Roman books and collections to get a taste of her writing: One to Ten: Squirrel’s Bad Day (geared toward ages 4 to 8) The Crew Goes Coconuts! A Captain No Beard Story (ages 3 to 8) If You Were Me and Lived In…Colonial America (ages 8 to 15) I was very excited

5 Things to Love About Home School in the Woods

I am NOT a history buff by any stretch of the imagination so I was excited for the opportunity to review a couple of items from Home School in the Woods‘ À La Carte Projects. This family-run publisher offers games, lapbooks, timelines, and hands-on history activities to enrich your homeschool. These are printables on history topics ranging from ancient times to more recent history. The À La Carte Projects menu has so many options so it was hard to pick, but I chose two items to begin our study of how America came to be: the Timeline of the American

CursiveLogic Review – Help for Writing AND Reading

One of the biggest mistakes I made when teaching my firstborn to read is that I taught her uppercase letters first. She is six and a half years old now but still writes almost nothing in lowercase and can’t keep certain lowercase letters straight in her head. Thus, she cannot read too well yet, nor can she really write much. When I saw that the Homeschool Review Crew was going to be reviewing CursiveLogic, I absolutely jumped at the chance. You see, the CursiveLogic system teaches the cursive alphabet lowercase first, and by grouping similar types of letters together. The