Progeny Press Literature eGuides

We had the opportunity to review one of the eGuides from Progeny Press, which is a Christian-based company offering unit study guides for all ages and reading levels. We reviewed one of the literature eGuides for lower elementary level, The Josefina Story Quilt – eGuide. We do a lot of readlouds due to my kids being so new to reading and they loved this story. But beyond that, we were able to go much deeper into the whys and hows behind the story due to the guide from Progeny Press. To give a plot synopsis of the book we were

Brush Up on YOUR Math Skills With Math Essentials (Review)

As homeschool moms, we are charged with teaching our kids EVERY subject, even the ones that are tough for us. Thankfully, the same popular publisher that makes homeschool math materials for students also makes resources for parents who may need some help remembering from way back when! Enter: Math Refresher for Adults. Math Essentials has put out this book teaching math for adults that is perfect for those of us who need a little help figuring out these concepts so we can help our kids with their own work. Now, my oldest is going into 2nd grade and still working

Family Bible Lessons with Bible Study Guide For All Ages

Bible Study Guide For All Ages is hands-down the best program I’ve seen for teaching children about the Bible. We have been reviewing the Primary (1st to 2nd grade) student pages with the corresponding teacher guide, as well as the Large Bible Book Summary Cards and the Wall Maps and Timeline Set. It has been an incredible method for teaching about God’s Word. It has brought us closer as a family and I can see true learning happening in my girls. I have been using this with my oldest two girls who are almost 7 and almost 5. We haven’t

The Master and His Apprentices – Apologetics and Art

We have done pretty much nothing when it comes to art appreciation and art history, namely because I’m not okay with all the nudity involved. We have been reviewing the digital version of The Master and His Apprentices: Art History from a Christian Perspective and I’m so glad to say that this is the perfect resource for people like me who prefer to shield their children from nudity for art’s sake. It is not really intended for younger children (the verbiage and material is simply over their heads), so if you have teens, listen up! We had the chance to

Why I Don’t Require Scripture Memorization

Almost every Bible program for kids includes memory verses. I prefer not to use them! I think memorization is a bad way to teach a complex subject when understanding is imperative to practical application. Memorizing God’s Word is a noble thing to reach for, no doubt. And eventually, it WILL happen after enough study (even if not word for word). But for young kids who soak up everything we teach them, be it spoken or unspoken, rote memorization of Bible passages doesn’t seem like the best way to go. Here’s why. This article originally appeared on my old blog, Townsley

Beginner Art Lessons with ARTistic Pursuits

I think most kids love to do arts and crafts. Yet some seem to take a more serious interest in it, like my oldest, so this review of the program from ARTistic Pursuits, Inc. was timely. The ARTistic Pursuits Art Instruction Books with DVD and Blu-Ray series was already on my short list of non-Common Core aligned art programs for kids and combines a textbook with video lessons to switch things up. I’ve been using it with my oldest two children (almost 7 and almost 5) to give them their first glimpse into more formal art instruction. The series is

2018 Build Your Bundle Sale and a Flash Giveaway

It’s Build Your Bundle time! And it’s also giveaway time! First, check to see if you were one of the big winners from last week’s BYB giveaway. If not, you should still have your coupon code that you received this morning. I want to go through and help you to understand how the sale works so you can figure out which deals are best for you. In addition, I will be giving away one premade bundle of your choice, up to a $39 value! The entry form is at the bottom of this post. Read the directions carefully before entering.

Homeschool Schedules and Routines

Are you a mom who needs a set schedule to keep you on track? Or will a general routine suffice? Or maybe you’re a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants type. I’m solidly in the middle and that’s the angle I’m coming from for today’s article in the homeschool planning mini-series. But there’s so much more to it than just schedule or no schedule! Today is Day 2 of my planning series. Here are the topics for the other days: Day 1: Planning Your Homeschool Year Day 2: Homeschool Schedules and Routines Day 3: The Relaxed Homeschooler’s Guide to Picking Curriculum Day 4: Non-Book Learning

Planning Your Homeschool Year

I’m excited to kick off Day 1 of my homeschool planning mini-series! We will be covering everything you need to know for planning your homeschool year so you can relax over summer and start the year with confidence. Here are the topics for each day of the series: Day 1: Planning Your Homeschool Year Day 2: Homeschool Schedules and Routines Day 3: The Relaxed Homeschooler’s Guide to Picking Curriculum Day 4: Non-Book Learning for Your Homeschool Day 5: What Should I Put in My Child’s Portfolio? This is also part of a blog hop with the Homeschool Review Crew! Please

A&P for Kids, From a Christian Worldview

I am an anatomy nerd going all the way back to middle school, and as we are a Christian family, I have been eyeballing the Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology set from Apologia for at least a year. I was super excited about getting these materials to review! And after using them for the past few weeks, the excitement hasn’t fizzled out! It’s been on my “to teach” list and I was exuberant to find out that they have a Junior Notebooking Journal for kids who are not even reading yet! 😍 We were blessed with the Exploring