Improve Your Concentration With a Single App

I was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult. I didn’t show too many signs of it as a kid, other than excessive talking. I chalk that up to having a brain that never turns off – not necessarily ADHD, just an active mind. But, as an adult, it seems I have some problems with inattention. This started before kids, so I can’t blame them. Ha! As a writer, the ability to concentrate well is imperative if I want to get anything done. Now with the voices of children added into the mix, I had all but given up trying to

Can your babies swim?

Drowning is the leading cause of death for kids 4 and under. And guess what? It’s completely preventable. Kids as young as 6 months can learn the self-rescue skills that Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) teaches. Pictured here are two of my little ones floating on their own. This was when they were 9 months old and 2 years and 9 months old. Not even 1 and 3! And in full clothes on the day they graduated from the program. This article originally appeared on my old blog, Townsley Times. If you came here looking for this particular article but thought

Need to Spruce Up Your Decor? (Review)

We have moved nine times in seven years. Four of those were cross-country relocations, and each time, we have gotten rid of stuff in an attempt to downsize. One of those times, we only packed my van, hubby’s truck and a 6×12 box trailer. We sold off most of our belongings and started fresh. But each time, I never seem to replace our decor. Or I buy stuff with the intention of putting it up and it only gets half done, or I don’t get to it (like my picture frame wall that I have yet to get pictures for).

Teaching Your Kids Biblical Truths

Hey, Mom, teaching your kids about God and His Word just got a lot easier! I had been struggling to find the right way to help my young kids understand the happenings of the Bible, but we’ve been reviewing a new book called What God is Doing and it has been a prayer answered!¬†Anne Marie Gosnell, the author, has written this book so parents can teach their kids in such a way that the point comes across without being diluted in the way most kids’ Bibles and books are (particularly the history in the Old Testament, which is often skipped

Are Your Mornings a Disaster? (Course Review)

I’m the first to admit I am NOT a morning person. Never was, never will be. Mornings used to be a huge disaster. Like huge. Kids whining about being hungry, a baby crying, a minefield of toys in the living room, and a mama wishing she liked hot coffee because life would be so much easier without having to run a blender or run to a drive thru (which involves carseats and overspending ’cause then everyone HAS to have something since mama gets something). But I digress. Then Crystal Paine’s Make Over Your Mornings course came onto my radar. It

Ingenuity Trio 3-in-1 High Chair Review

After we added our fourth child to our family, it dawned on me that with an 18 month age gap between her and my third child (my ALL BOY child who likes to run, climb and throw food), I would need two high chairs, or at least a booster seat for my son. In looking for a play yard on the Walmart site, I saw a set that includes a play yard, a bouncer and this high chair, the Ingenuity Trio. I don’t need all that, but the high chair popped up on my Facebook feed after that (eyeroll…they are